Certified Professional Confidence Coach

Rebecca Roberts

Helping folks in the midst of transition to take control, drop the stories, and move in rock-solid confidence.


Confidence in Transition

Some seasons of transition come from a personal desire to make a change, and other changes feel as though they are forced upon you. Regardless of how you got here, you have the choice of how you want to move forward. You can either succumb to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, discouraged, angry with your story – or you can embrace the very-real control you have and explore how to thrive in the present moment. (Yep, I said thrive, not just crawl helplessly through it).

Most of our suffering is self-inflicted by the stories we tell ourselves, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to show you that there’s another way – one that leads to vibrant confidence.

Cultural Transition

I help expats ‘dance in the moment’ instead of ‘drowning in the differences’ of their new life. Very often I see folks getting so caught up in logistics that they forget to consider and prepare for the other life-aspects that get stirred up during a big change. In these times it can be highly beneficial to have someone outside your personal story to help re-focus and act as a sounding board.

I support you in sorting through the new experiences and exploring the best ways for you to move in this new space with clarity and confidence.



Tree of Live. Tree of Confidence. Coaching by Rebecca Roberts.

Relationship Transition

Life is built upon relationships, both in our personal and professional worlds, and this includes the relationship with ourselves. The way you interact with and experience these relationships has a direct effect on your level of fulfilment. When you experience a significant transition in one of these relationships, it can rock your world to the core.

I help you to drop the false storytelling and old energy blocks that hold you back from the life you want. Step into freedom and experience the feeling of moving in confidence.



Iris Smyth - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH

» Rebecca is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting person. She knows her stuff and it’s been hugely empowering to be coached by her. Through Rebecca’s thought provoking questions I have gained new insights and identified some action steps to align my business with who I am and what I stand for. She’s helped me to make my business more authentic, which in turn has made it so much easier for me to sell my services. Thank you Rebecca! «

Iris Smyth, Founder ‘The Wellscene’ (London, UK)

» I was going through a really rough time, and I needed to believe in myself as a human and as a woman. Rebecca met me as a human-being, explaining that my feelings and worries were understandable – I immediately felt accepted as I am. It wasn’t the “typical” chat between therapist and patient where I sometimes felt like a sick person. It’s like she gives me the tools and shows me how I can use them in real life. My challenge is trying to use them in the right occasions. I’m very grateful to have found Rebecca. «

Carla P., Student (Chur, CH)
Nils Ugland - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH

» Rebecca has a fantastic way of asking questions, listening to my answers and following up with a deeper insight than I could have made myself. These insights open up “small tightly locked” boxes within me and reveal things that I work on daily. It might be months between our coaching, but her questions are always there in the back of my mind. Rebecca digs deep and that inclines me to want to be a better version of myself. «

Nils Ugland, Owner Rightside (Olso, NO)

About Rebecca

I know how it feels to hide away for fear of rocking the boat or sounding foolish. I’ve always been expressive and talkative, but I hid much of my true self behind pre-packaged beliefs and ideas that I’d collected: social norms, acceptable thoughts, and all the things that ‘good girls’ should do and say. From the outside I looked confident and put together. From the inside, I was uncomfortable and confused at the misalignment.

I also know the feeling of being jolted from the ‘dream.’ Knowing that there’s a vast space inside myself that I’d yet to explore or experience. I also knew that I wanted to share this part of me with the world. That I was worthy of being heard and seen fro all that I am.  I was excited and scared – I’d always relied on the safe, pre-paved paths. This exploration required leaping off that path, charging through the bushes and heading straight out into the wilderness.

My desire for truth was finally greater than the desire to maintain and protect my safe-zone story-world. So I began to dig.

I learned how to search and explore inside myself with love and compassion, even when it revealed some tough truths. I learned to unleashed my voice, and realised that so much of my old fears had been totally unwarranted. My life and confidence began to shift beyond what I ever could have imagined.

This is the journey that’s brought me to this space, to coaching, and to sharing the bold freedom and vibrant life that I know exists for everyone on this incredible planet we call home.

Rebecca Roberts - Professional Confidence Coach with focus on major life transitions at EXPLORE-TRUTH.


Rebecca Roberts Coaching Package - Deep-Dive Confidence Transformation.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Get ready to do the deep work on transforming your confidence. Take control and move in bold self-alignment.

Based on your specific goals and objectives, we’ll customize a plan to unleash your confidence and start living in bold self-alignment with your truth.

We’ll explore together in a safe space where honesty and free self-expression hold top priority. I’m your personal cheerleader, ass-kicker and accountability scout.

  • Personalised 1:1 coaching package (typically 8, 12 or 16 weeks)
  • ELI Assessment + debrief – 1.5 hours (Optional)


Rebecca Roberts Coaching Package - Confidence SnapShot.

Confidence SnapShot

Using the ELI Assessment, we will explore your current energy allocation and any internal blocks that hold you back from success and confidence.

Using the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, the Confidence Snapshot provides a concrete tool to view your energy allocations at the present moment. This unique assessment offers valuable insights into what’s holding you back – specifically highlighting how to break free and move forward.

After completing your assessment, you’ll have a debriefing session with me, where I walk you through your results. Together we discuss how you can apply the deep insights and takeaways toward unleashing greater self-confidence.

  • ELI Assessment – Online
  • ELI Assessment debrief – 1.5 hours
  • Goal Setting and Next Steps Assessment


Rebecca Roberts Coaching Package - Individual Coaching.

Group Coaching

For those looking to explore in a safe space with others who are also committed to greater self-awareness.

Small Group Coaching focuses on exploring your specific goals and objectives amongst others who are committed to the very same exploration. This is a safe space to discover together, share experiences and learn from each other.

These group sessions can be rewarding particularly if you’re looking for a support network or if you’d like to try a group setting before transitioning to 1:1 coaching.

  • Please contact me at the links below to discuss further.

Frequently asked Questions

What is coaching (and how is it different from therapy, mentoring, friends, etc)?

It is not psychotherapy: As a coach, I will not dig deeply deeply into your past. There is, of course, more to psychotherapy than only digging into the past, but this is one significant difference between coaching and therapy. While we will definitely touch on past events and the impact of those events during our discussions, the purpose is to see how those past events create thought patterns that show up for you in the present. In the coaching process we will focus mainly on present situations and circumstances, and how you can create a vision and actions to move forward into greater freedom.

It is not mentoring or consulting: I am not an expert on your life. Luckily, you are! Because of this fact, I will not come to any discussion with pre-determined solutions and strategies. I will, however, come with tools and methods for a fresh approach to tackle the barriers that you are facing.

It is not a friendship: Close friends can be of great help and provide wonderful support. Often in difficult situations, however, friends are often too deeply involved in your story to remain truly neutral and judgement free. This often comes from a conflicting desire to support a friend and also support their own wishes as they relate to you.

The coaching relationship provides a neutral, judgement-free zone where nothing is off limits for discussion and exploration.

Then what IS Coaching? Coaching is a partnership designed for doing deep work based on your specific goals and objectives. It is a safe space to explore ideas and opportunities without judgement or criticism. Nothing is off limits for discussion. Coaching is action-oriented and serves as a bridge between where you currently are and where you want to be. It describes a process of bringing awareness and deeper understanding to your internal compass. Ultimately, it provides a way to discard illusions and live more freely.

What is the philosophy behind »transition confidence coaching«?

I firmly believe that you have the ability to take on any opportunity and deal with any challenge that arises in your life. Through the coaching process, I empower you to own your full potential. Through our work together, I facilitate your search for clarity in the areas where you feel restricted. Through questioning and exploring your own truths, we get to the core of your true self.  We expose those things that separate you from the life you desire to live.

Our time together is designed to benefit you and your personal growth. It is of critical importance to talk honestly and openly about what matters most to you, not what you think should matter. You will gain much more by bringing to each session the thoughts and feelings that are important and relevant to you, even if this feels uncomfortable at times.

Trust is key in this relationship! I will honour and respect your decisions and actions. I also expect you to be open to trying new things. I will challenge you . I will also respect that you have your own timing and boundaries. This is a safe space to explore.

Come open and willing to be sceptical. Question old habits and behaviours that you discover aren’t working for you anymore. Expect to have times during which you feel great and invincible, and other times when you may feel doubtful, insecure or tired. It is all part of the growth cycle. Often the most incredible discoveries and freedom come through a bit of discomfort.

How can coaching help me?

»The quality of your life is a function of the quality of questions you ask yourself.«

Increased Productivity and Effectiveness: With support and accountability, you will establish goals and action-plans that bring clarity and focus. This creates positive forward momentum, and increases overall effectiveness.

Enhanced Communication: When you are clear and confident with yourself, it is easier to communicate freely what you really think and feel to those around you.

Increased Life-Balance: When you realize that self-care can actually make the rest of your day more fruitful, your life will naturally take on a healthier balance.

Thrive in the Midst of Chaos: When you learn to take control of the things that are actually within your power (MANY more things than people realise), then you find it is possible to remain rock solid even in the midst of the most terrible ‘storms.’

Enhance Creativity: By freeing the brain from unnecessary processing and ‘storytelling,’ you make more room for creative thinking and curious exploration.

Accountability: Coaching provides a consistent check-in. Your coach helps hold you accountable to the conscious goals and desires you set for yourself.

Freedom: Learn to set yourself free from false identification with your thoughts and stories. The experience of moving in controlled confidence brings immense freedom.

Clarity: Some questions that you have carried around for years may become clear in the blink of an eye. Be prepared!

How does the coaching process actually work?

Call Method: Our sessions take place either via video- or audio-call if remote.  *I have clients in multiple countries and time zones. Distance is no issue for us working together.

Duration of Session: Each session is 50 minutes long with a 5 minute wrap-up to review and set goals/assignments for the upcoming week.

Regularity of Sessions: I begin each new coaching relationship with a minimum block of 8 weeks, meeting on a weekly basis. After this period, together we re-evaluate and determine if sessions should continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Is there a typical length that a coaching relationship lasts?

Each individual has unique goals, and as a result each coaching relationship is unique. Some are focused on one single goal while others might have a broader scope. Once a door opens and clients experience radical change in one area, there is often a hunger and drive to bring this new freedom into other areas of their lives.

While there is no »perfect duration« of a coaching relationship, there are a few phases that factor into a successful experience. The phases below foster sustainable results:

Intro Session: Our first discussion together offers the opportunity to lay a foundation of trust and openness. During this first call, we take the time to identify your goals as well as clarify any questions you might still have about the process.

Deep Dive: This is typically a period of 8-16 weeks (8 weeks minimum) during which we dive straight into your goals and desires, getting to the roots of what blocks you from success. This period of time strengthens the foundation for long-lasting change and a deepened awareness of your own internal processes.

Evaluation: After the deep-dive phase, our discussion centers on a re-evaluation of your goals and desires to explore the best strategy for moving forward.

Maintenance: At some point, a client may choose to schedule sessions every other week or once a month for continued accountability and check-ins for new opportunities.

Why is coaching worth the investment?

We often find ourselves escaping from life through distractions such as social media, television, food, etc. None of these things is inherently bad. However, when used as a method to run away from negative situations or feelings, they become a band-aid for a bullet wound…a temporary solution to a »deadly« affliction. Living in that extended state of stress and frustration slowly chokes the liveliness and joy out of life.

Most of us have experienced this phenomenon…you have a wonderful holiday and are able to really relax after the first few days. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a few weeks of this extended peacefulness. But what happens after one week of being back at work? Did the relaxation and zen-feeling stick around, or are there just beautiful photos and memories that remain?

Now the big question: What would you give for long-lasting freedom from frustration, stress and that fast-spinning hamster wheel? What would it be worth to wake up to a life that you greet with open arms and fresh eyes? I see it time and again within my coaching relationships…disbelief transforms to awe at the realization of how close this freedom actually is. My desire is that every person on this big beautiful planet experience the feeling that they don’t need to escape their life. Instead, that they are excited to step fully into it.

So how can you justify spending money on yourself like this? Well, you know that new ___?___ that you’ve been researching for ages and can’t wait to buy? (fill in the blank with the thing towards which you feel an intense pull  – the thing that makes you feel giddy just thinking about it.) THAT! That is the kind of desire and intense focus you need to feel towards yourself in order to make a significant shift. Invest time and resources into yourself the way you invest in your passions, and see what happens! Just like the safety briefings on airplanes, put the oxygen mask on your own face first, and then move on to the others around you. See yourself as the cornerstone to your own happiness, and the rest falls into place. Self care is essential to the rest of your life flowing well. It may seem counter-intuitive at times, but it’s true.

Random 'happies' about Rebecca

‣  When I was young, I dreamed of being a marine zoologist and traveling the world with Jacques Cousteau.

‣  I reconstruct any sandwich to ensure each bite is equally tasty.

‣  I was an uber driver to learn my city and meet interesting people from around the world.

‣  I was (well, still am) an interior architect, working with companies and individuals to create spaces that enhance human connection and healthy living.

Design Thinking and Living

Helping people think creatively how «marry» their goals and feelings to the spaces with which they surround themselves.

For Individuals & Small Teams

When the spaces where we live and work are designed and organised in a conscious and healthy way, they foster a happier and more supportive lifestyle. Focusing on simplicity and comfort, we explore together how to create spaces in which you actually WANT to live and work.

I will not come into your space and dictate where things should be or how you should live; instead I want to give you the tools and confidence to take ownership of your space. Through our time together, you will learn how to create spaces that feel in alignment with who you – a space that reflect and support your lifestyle.

This process is customised to your current needs, pain points and goals. We work together via Skype to explore next-steps to bring your vision into reality.