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Mathias Fritzen

Catalyst for those hungrily seeking for truth and freedom. Door-opener for awareness and inner Leadership. Human being.



You are not here by accident. You are here because you are ready. Ready to sort through your chaos. Ready to (re)discover your self-alignment. Ready to unleash your full potential. This is exactly where I support you in your journey – finding congruency, focus and clarity within yourself.

Everyone and everything is connected these days. Always. You are in the middle of it all: quickly signing the mortgage documents in between likes, shares and follower count. Loading up the car in between e-workbooks, bitcoin trade and job offers. Walking the dog and kids in between foodporn, vlogs and snaps.

What is your motivation for all of this? What is this thing called »your path« and where do you currently stand? Always online but never in the now. Always available but never yourself. All over the place but never fully present. Too many distractions are fighting for your attention. Too many roles that you have to play.

Does this sound familiar?
Discover clarity. Now.


Klarheit und Verbundenheit. Vom Kopf zum Herz. Professional Clarity Coaching.


Life is not happening to you. Life flows through you and then out into the world. Being open to this flow is the key to a deep connection with your self. The power to create this natural movement lies within you. No exceptions. Learn to harness that power. Learn to drop the internal blocks and embrace what you already are!

The stories that repeat daily wear you down: The woman at the bakery is always rude. Your boss only cares about promoting himself. Your best friend copies your style and then steals your man. You’ve not called your parents in years, and for good reason! You are never enough in the eyes of your partner.

Is that true? Can you be absolutely sure that is true? Too quickly you buy into the stories – the stories that your mind is selling you. Without knowing why, you’re caught inside a destructive cycle. Negative thoughts play on repeat, and depressive feelings keep those thoughts company.

Is there a way out? Yes!
Find the answers in a »Date with your self«.


That’s what my clients say

Anna-Lisa Schorn - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH

» I’ve learned so much from working with you. For example, to think differently about certain situations, to ask myself what I really want, to invite calmness into my life, and also to allow myself to not feel so well at times. At first I had doubts if you would butt-in with your coaching. But you don’t influence me at all. You just help me sort through things and find my own truth. The latter is quite established for me by now. I feel very different – much more like myself. It is as if you handed me a sheet of paper and pens and showed me how to hold them but not what I should draw. Everyone who spends an hour with you will most likely spend many more in the future. «

Anna-Lisa Schorn, Account Director
Steven Käser - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH

» I’ve never been in a coaching relationship with Mathias. Actually I think I was his during a challenging time in his life. So I can not tell you if he is a good coach and I have no idea If he is worth the money he charges. But I can tell that he has experienced turmoil, and that in the worst storms he has had the humbleness to shift his perspective from beeing the victim of the situation to becoming the observer to his situation. I see him in his process and I see him becoming ever gentler and accepting with himself and with it I see him shining those qualities back to his sourrounding and followers. My take on things is that a guide or a coach can only bring you as far in the process as he has gone the way himself. I’ve known Mathias now for more then 15 years… I’ve seen him walk quite a stretch. I value his guiding and enjoy his presence. «

Steven Käser, CEO
Dafni Bagkeri - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH

» Working with Mathias is a profound experience. He is a cultivated, insightful, connected to his higher-self coach that guides you to identify and break-through your inner blocks. His gifted spirit and generosity of his loving energy along with his holistic approach will bring you clarity to connect all the dots in your life and transform all relationships but most of all, the relationship with your self. «

Dafni Bagkeri, RFP Manager

Who is Mathias?

In the process of getting my first job, I lost a bet and had to buy a sheep.

I injured my arm during parkour training and lost more than half my body’s blood. First thought heading into surgery: When can I get back to training? Second: I’ll only stop doing Parkour when I’m better than I was before.

The books on my bookshelf are sorted by color.

I (still married) once had dinner with my girlfriend (still married), her parents, her in-laws, her husband and his new girlfriend. It was a unique and wonderful evening.

I’m a total sucker for simple, somewhat mindless jokes based on word-play. Example: »Why don’t you find any ants in churches? Because they are in sects.« Ha!

I’ve got an imaginary nut allergy, and I’m considering adding citrus as well.

My life was smooth and straight forward until I began asking myself the inconvenient questions I’d always asked others. Game changer: Clarity.

The path on which I take my clients is the same that I walk myself – each and every day. And it feels incredible!

For you, this »path« can begin NOW.



Mathias Fritzen - Professional Clarity Coach mit den Schwerpunkten Klarheit und Verbundenheit bei EXPLORE-TRUTH.


+ Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation — ICF
+ Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching — iPEC
+ Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching — iPEC
+ Parkour athlete & Co-founder of the ParkourONE Community
+ Headcoach of the TRuST training program
+ Student of Zen-Meditation under Willigis Jäger Kyo-un Roshi & Dr. Alexander Poraj, Benediktushof — Center for Meditation and Awareness
+ Student of Shaolin Kung Fu under grandmaster Detlef Leppkes, TV Asberg
+ Student of the non-dualistic teachings Neo-Advaita in the lineage of Anthony Paul Moo-Young, Hariwansh Lal Poonja and Ramana Maharshi
+ Continual participant in international workshops & forums on Self-Development with Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Neale Donald Walsch etc.

My Services

Einstiegspaket - Klarheitsbescheid. Identifiziere und überwinde innere Blockaden mit Hilfe des ELI-Assessment.

Starter Package — Clarity Briefing

Identify and overcome inner-blocks using the ELI Assessment.

The clarity Briefing reveals your inner-blocks and points to how you can make use of your own strengths to overcome them. The degree of consciousness shapes your actions. Making a change in perspective truly has the power to deeply transform the way you see and interact with the world.

The core of the package is the »Energy Leadership Index Assessment«. Using this tool and it’s detailed evaluation, we inquire into your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and leadership abilities. Using real-life situations, we dig in into your assessment to create opportunities to »level up« and embrace the power of choice: Each moment describes who you are and gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to be moving forward.

  • ELI Assessment Online – aprox. 30min
  • Clarity Briefing & Evaluation – 1,5h
  • Goal setting and outlook


Drei Monate Intensiv-Coaching. Klar sehen, verbunden fühlen, bewusst werden – ohne Ausreden, ohne Kompromisse.

Three Month Coaching Intensive

See clearly, feel connected, get conscious – drop the excuses – no compromises.

Congruency, focus, clarity, forgiveness, compassion, love – whatever you are looking for, the answers lie within you. Through twelve 1:1 coaching sessions, we work out what you’re really engaging with internally.

Together we co-create a safe and trusting space in which you define your degree of openness and the direction of your exploration. From this space you’ll set clear goals for yourself, and learn how to drop what has historically held you back from success.

My coaching is honest, direct and effective. I know you want to gain the maximum out of this investment in yourself – your full commitment is vital to your success.

The Coaching Intensive begins with the full ELI Assessment and evaluation (see the »Clarity Briefing« package for further details). If you ever need quick feedback between sessions, I’m available for you through the full duration of the Coaching Intensive.

I’m Looking forward to working with you!

  • ELI Assessment & Evaluation – 2h
  • Twelve 1:1 coaching sessions – 1h each
  • Material, homework, goal setting, etc.


Workshop - Date mit dir selbst. Entdecke eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit dir selbst und werde, wer du im Innern jetzt schon bist.

Workshop — Date With Your Self

Discover a deep connectedness with your self, and embrace what you already are!

You play a role at work. You play a role within your family. You play a role in your circle of friends. To be free of conditioning, behavior patterns, fears and worries – how does that sound to you?

In this workshop, we co-create a space in which you can drop all of these roles and explore who you are beyond the stories. No obligations to fulfill, no yesterday, no tomorrow, no plans or goals. Just here. Now. Being. This is your »Date With Your Self«.

This package is comprised of three intensive sessions – together we dive deep and explore the following:

  • Wo do you believe yourself to be? – 1h
  • Who do you want to be? – 1h
  • What currently holds you back? – 1h


Frequently asked questions

What is coaching?

This form of coaching has nothing to do with soccer training. Coaching is not the same as therapy or counseling, and it is quite different from conversations with a friend.

Coaching differs from therapy in that we’re principally not bringing up and exploring painful memories and trauma from your past. The focus of our joint exploration is the present moment – the now. Starting from here we develop fresh perspectives and discover possibilities and options for your next conscious steps.

Coaching is not the same as a mentor or consultant. I am not the expert on your life – that is you! Therefore each moment of our work together is free from predefined solutions or stale strategies. My coaching method creates and supports the space needed to see inner blocks and unwanted behavior patterns with a new clarity – allowing you to (re)discover yourself.

Coaching is more than a conversation with a friend. Of course a friend can be a good advisor, but most often it’s quite difficult for a friend to stay neutral and prejudice-free. These qualities are key pillars of our work together in the coaching process.

I see coaching as a relationship based on collaboration between you as a client and me as a coach. I provide the space needed for exploring your ideas and possibilities free from judgment and criticism. You set your boundaries and goals, and direct the focus of our work together.

Coaching is action-oriented and builds a bridge between your current status and your »that’s where I want to be« or »that’s how I want to feel« state. It is a process of rediscovering your inner voice and becoming conscious. In coaching I see a way to unmask limiting beliefs and find – step by step – your true self.
Was ist Coaching? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

How do I work?

I know that you’ve got the abilities to master all your challenges. In our work together, you have the opportunity to connect with your true potential. I support you to see clearly what blocks you. Using precisely targeted questioning, I show you ways to get closer to your individual truth – to your true self. You can let go of what holds you back from living the life you want to live.

Your personal growth is always the primary focus. It is absolutely essential to speak openly and honestly about what is most important to you and not what you believe is supposed to be important in the eyes of others. Even if it feels strange in the beginning, you’ll make the biggest leaps when you open up to yourself and the new perspectives that you develop. Our sessions are a safe space – no exceptions.

Trust is the key. I respect your decisions, your boundaries and your individual timing. But I also expect that you try and open up for new perspectives and opportunities the best you can. On this way you will feel invincible at times and full of doubt at other times. All this is part of the growth cycle. After a phase of discomfort there is space for the greatest freedom.
Was ist meine Arbeitsweise? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

Who are my clients?

My clients are creative and skeptical people. Not only artists, designers and architects, but also skeptical mavericks who are interested and open to new ways of discovery. The sort of people who’s best ideas spring from the question »why?« or »how does that really work?«. People who are willing to also question themselves and their own concepts.

My clients come from a variety of professional and private backgrounds, and they find themselves in the midst of a difficult situation. A situation where they want to let go of their fears and move forward in confidence, fully embracing happiness along their way. In other words: They are done with waiting on life to begin and have decided to find and embrace their fulfillment in the now.

This is exactly where we meet.
Wer sind meine Klienten? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

How can coaching help me?

»The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.«

Coaching can help you find the answer to one of the most fundamental questions known to mankind: Who am I?
If that sounds too »far out« for you, it can also help you with the following:

+ Raise your productivity and effectivity: gain congruency, focus and clarity – define goals.
+ Improve your communication: If you’re connected with yourself, it’s a lot easier to communicate what you think and feel.
+ Find balance in your life: The relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything that happens around you.
+ Gain control: Gain full control over things that you can actually influence. For everything else: take it as it is.
+ Increase self-confidence: The only boundaries are the ones that you believed to be true so far.
+ Life-clarity: How should life feel for you instead of how should it unfold.
+ Max creativity: When your mind is free from repetitive thought patterns, there is an immense amount of space for stepping into your creative power.
+ Personal responsibility: As soon as you take responsibility for your attitude towards life it seizes »happening to you« and starts flowing through you.
+ Real freedom: Thoughts are free; who can guess them? But what about the one that continuously and automatically thinks them? Free him.
+ Answers: Some of the questions that keep coming up for you may be answered for you in the blink of an eye. Is that possible?
Wobei kann mir Coaching helfen? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

How does a session practically work?

To schedule a meeting we use a calendar service. All the info needed will be sent to you via eMail after you choose a package or individual coaching and after we’ve had our free complementary session.

The coaching sessions are held location-independent via audio and/or video call – as it feels best for you. We also have skype, facetime, google hangouts, zoom etc. available as well.

Usually a session lasts fifty minutes plus a five-minutes wrap-up to set the goals and tasks for the upcoming week.
Wie läuft ein Coaching ab? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

What is the typical length of a coaching relationship?

Every individual is unique, and that understanding is fundamental to my coaching approach. Our sessions are individually adapted to your current situation and goals. To define a rigid »typical-length« for a coaching relationship is not possible, but there is a natural course that many coaching relationships follow.

In my experience, it is most beneficial and productive to have one session per week, and to begin with a three-month introduction period. There is no standard recipe, but blocks and beliefs that have been stored up for decades often take a little while to expose and release. After these three months, it is dependent on you to determine what work still remains and how you want to move forward.

There is a wrap-up phase in which you may want to have feedback every second week or once a month. In this phase I support you fine-tuning your compass to stay firmly on your path. This continued accountability supports sustained changes, a lastingly raise in consciousness, and allows you to keep a sharp eye on your goals.
Wie lange geht ein Coaching? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

What is coaching worth?

Many of us are familiar with this phenomenon: After a few days of adapting, you begin to relax and really enjoy your expensive annual holiday. Finally you’re able to leave the worries of your everyday life behind. But what happens when you’re back at the office? Does this state of inner peace stay with you, or is it a quickly-fading memory?

What you experience and take away for yourself through my coaching process is steady and sustainable.

Do you remember the new ____?____ that you’ve been researching endlessly and longing to hold it in your hands? You can fill in the blank with that thing you really want – something, that strikes up that feeling of thrill of anticipation. Can you feel it? THIS! Exactly that is the willpower and desire, the wish and focus that you need to make a change within yourself.

If you could leave frustration, stress and the whole hamster-wheel behind – what value would that have for you? What is it worth for you to wake up every morning and welcome this life with open arms? It is just like the safety briefing in the plane: You must take the oxygen mask for yourself first before you’re able to help others.

So what is coaching worth for you? Come find out for yourself.
Was ist Coaching wert? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

How do I get started?

If everything you read resonates with you so far, the most important question is this: When should I get started? That’s an easy answer: Now! At times when curiosity is at it’s peak and fear is absent – this is the right moment for action!

My coaching relationships all begin with a free complementary session. After that, you can chose from one of my coaching packages (on this website under »Services«) or decide for individual coaching. Both are easy booked via eMail, phone or facebook.

Depending on the package, I will send you the appropriate information, link or questionnaire via eMail. All of this can be worked through and completed before our sessions to save you valuable time.
Wie fange ich an mit Coaching? Mathias Fritzen arbeitet als Professional Clarity Coach mit kreativen und skeptischen Menschen daran, absolute Klarheit im Chaos zu finden und eine tiefe Verbundenheit mit sich selbst zu erfahren.

Clarity beyond Coaching

Are you interested to go beyond coaching and dig deeper into self-discovery? Maybe you’ve had experiences with meditation or yoga, and you feel drawn and curious to understand where this all leads.

A spiritual path lies outside of any specific religion and is all-inclusive – accessible for everyone. From the whirling of the Sufi dervishes, mantra singing of the Hindus, ayahuasca ceremonies of indigenous Shamans, mind-work of the Yogis, contemplative paths in Christian mysticism to the silent-sitting of the zen monks – there are many paths sharing one goal:

Tap into the experience of who you essentially are – transcending the constricting boundaries of the mind and gaining insight into »higher« planes of consciousness.

Especially in the early phases of a spiritual practice, it can be helpful to have a mirror and guidance. This is what I offer for earnest and curious seekers.