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I’m about to tell you, that it is scientifically proven that you are the universe, that you are no thing and that we ultimately know nothing at all. We need to put an end to ignorance and restart our exploration, don’t you think? Let’s dive in:


You are the universe

First reason for exploration: A friend of mine shared an interesting post about our bodies. Apparently we consist of atoms. The fascinating thing is that these atoms that we consist of are billions of years old – recycled again and again over time. Science says that some of them were formed 13,7 billion years ago and others are younger (only 3-5 billion years ago) – created in the core of supernovas. This means: At the most fundamental level, YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE in human form.

If you basically consist of UNIVERSAL ATOMS – can you access the ancient knowledge that they/you contain?


You are no thing

Second reason for exploration: Another mind-blowing fact about our bodies: We consist of a mix of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and other stuff. Sure, we might have heard this in school. But the interesting bit is that, when we have a very, very, very close look at these individual atoms, we can’t find any matter. There is absolutely no thing. Every atom consists of approximately 99,9% empty space. So now you are the UNIVERSE and NOTHING all at the same time. How is that possible?

If you are nothing (aka ›no thing‹) – what are you then? What is it that makes up your essence where you base and create your values, belief-systems and ideas?


We know nothing at all

Third reason for exploration: From Newtons theory of gravity to Einsteins theory of relativity to quantum theory and beyond – we don’t really understand anything at all. When we look deeply into each theory, we essentially have no clue about the magic that makes life what it is. It does’t align. It makes sense from certain perspectives but not all, which is inconsistent. Let’s look at something very simple: Can you explain exactly what water is and why it is the source of life here on earth, or why we feel connected to the sound? Can you do this in a way that is globally true, understood, and all encompassing?

If we don’t understand anything at all, why do we behave like we do? And what do we really know?  We need to put an end to ignorance, don’t you think?

Can we embrace the wonder and the unknown as beautiful instead of clinging to the little head-knowledge we do have? Can we empty out our cup of ideas and be curious again? Curious to look inside instead of outside? To look where it all began.

Who’s with me?

Mathias Fritzen - Professional Clarity Coach at EXPLORE-TRUTH

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